Teamwork in Room 1

Diamond the duck We have been working on our teamwork in Room 1. Together we made a farmyard Duck for our Art exhibition.
We worked together to come up with the design of the duck, and created the unique look of Diamond (complete with sparkly glitter for her beak and feet).

We look forward to presenting Diamond to the school at our Week 4 school assembly!

Our dolls house makeover

A group of students who were part of our Student Volunteer Army, decided to give our dolls house a makeover! We are so thankful that these girls took time out of their weekends and evenings to do something wonderful for Room 1!
The walls have been painted, we have a new floor and lots of new furniture to fill up our beautiful restored house.

Ka pai tō mahi!!!  Many thanks to all that were involved - we LOVE this revamped addition to Room 1!!!

Ambury Farm trip

Ambury Farm visit!
Room 1 went with the rest of year 1's here at Sunnybrae to a great farm! We had a lot of fun exploring this beautiful farm.

We learned about milking, sheering and we even had a chance to feed the animals. We saw pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, goats and turkeys on our visit!
We loved this experience and we really want to go back and visit next year!

Visit from a beekeeper

On Tuesday Room 1 had a very special guest. Beekeeper Robyn came to talk to us about Bees!

The children learned about the special place that Bees have in our ecosystem. We learnt about the process of making honey and how the beekeepers collect it! A special thank you to Robyn for taking the time to come and chat to Room 1 about Bees - we really enjoyed your visit and sharing your experiences.

Keeping safe on our roads

Room 1 was lucky enough to have a visit from Constable Harwood who came to talk to us about ROAD SAFETY! We think that this was a great way to learn how to be safe when we are on the road. We practised walking safely by looking left, right and straight ahead when we cross the road, to walk on the footpath and we learnt that we should always hold hands with our older whanau when crossing! 

Constable Harwood taught us about different types of traffic and together with Room 5 we named 28 different kinds of traffic on our roads! Ka pai Sunnybrae and a big thank you to Constable Harwood - teaching us how to be safe on our roads!!!